It's time to stop sugar coating Australia's obesity crisis. Huffington Post Australia, 11 Oct 2016

So what can we do? A new campaign, SugarByHalf, is encouraging Australians to look at the food they are eating and see if there are simple and easy ways to reduce their sugar consumption. They want people to engage in a sugar swap -- swap out a sugary food for something healthy. Ditch the doughnut, grab a banana. Pass on the breakfast cereal and tuck into an omelette instead.


Radio interview with A/Prof Matt Hopcraft on 3AW talking sugar reduction.

Tom Elliott spoke with Matthew Hopcraft from the Melbourne Dental School.

"The campaign we are launching tomorrow called 'Sugar by Half' is really about trying to educate people about how much hidden sugar is in the food they are eating" - Hopcraft told 3AW Drive.

The SugarByHalf campaign is being launched on Tuesday for World Obesity Day.


The growing problems of dental caries and obesity: an Australian perspective. British Dental Journal, 7 Oct 2016

Preventable diet-related diseases such as dental caries and obesity are a growing global problem, causing a significant burden on public health systems. Although there has been good evidence for the links between sugar consumption and dental caries for many decades, we are now seeing stronger links implicating sugar in obesity. There is a growing worldwide movement to tackle these problems by targeting the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages through a range of public policy measures.

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Hidden sugar harms our children's teeth and health. Herald Sun, 13 July 2016

Article by A/Prof Matt Hopcraft from SugarFree Smiles on the problems with too much sugar in our diet.


Australian Dental Association News Bulletin, July 2016

Article by Sugar-free Smiles in the newsletter for Australian dentists urging greater advocacy in action against sugar.


Sour lollies and dental health. Choice, 29 July 2016

Article on the dental effects of highly acidic sour lollies, with input from Dr Sophie Beaumont.


Letters to the Editor, Herald Sun 19 March 2016