When Tooth Decay Leads to Hospital

Many people are unaware of the serious consequences that tooth decay has for many people. We know that for many people, tooth decay results in having a filling, or maybe root canal treatment or even an extraction. But for more than 63,000 people per year, it’s not that simple.

63,000. That’s how many people, mostly children, who are hospitalised for preventable dental conditions each year in Australia, the third highest cause for preventable hospital admissions. This places a huge burden on the hospital system, and contributes to growing health expenditure.

But more importantly, this is extremely traumatic and distressing for the children, their families and the dental team providing treatment.

Check out this video from Jamie Oliver’s 2015 documentary ‘Sugar Rush’, where he goes into a public hospital to see the consequences of sugar on oral health up close. WARNING: The video contains scenes of surgical procedures.

Jamie Oliver's Sugar Rush - 6-year-old Mario having teeth extracted

Jamie gets a shock on a visit to hospital to meet six-year-old Mario, who loves sugary drinks. Obesity and type 2 diabetes ruin millions of lives and threaten to bankrupt the NHS. Jamie Oliver investigates sugar's contribution to global health problems and explores what can be done to help.