Eight in ten support a tax on sugary drinks.

Last year a study reported that more than eight in ten Australians would support a tax on sugary drinks if the revenue was spent tackling childhood obesity. A recent article reported that Australian parents would cut their children's consumption of soft drinks if the cost increased, suggesting that a sugar tax would encourage people to make healthier food choices.

With increasing rates of tooth decay, obesity and diabetes, it is time for more serious action on sugar. Join us in our campaign to reduce sugar consumption and improve health.

Finding the hidden sugar in your food.

Finding the hidden sugar in your food.

We often think of sugar as the white stuff that we put into our tea or coffee, or use when we're baking cakes. But sugar comes in many shapes and forms, and sometimes it's hard to know what we're really eating. Reading the labels on food products can be a daunting prospect, so we've compiled a little list to help you find those hidden sugars, and be aware of what you're eating. Remember that all of these sugars can cause harm to your teeth.